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    The four-day fair, our study lasted approximately 30 hours. Our 140 visitors, our products and our company as a relevant in-one interviews, we found. In Buddha's time we call with our guests the opportunity we have about 5 shows. If this was not a fair opportunity, we would not be able to apply practical. Moreover, it is, 300 local and foreign visitors by providing us the sample and our catalog, we have information about our products and ensure that you have. Foreign Trade as our stand Surkim we welcome our guests, technical information about our products and product transfers in the direction of their development, we can do to help about. Visual quality of our products, both at the application and implementation of video product demo we share with our visitors. To be very popular especially videolarmız and demo.

    And of course many, could not find the opportunity to see the opportunity to see our friend got him.

    After that are relevant to the position we are planning to attend the fair.

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