• Wall of mortarOpen or Close

    Improves endurance and continuity 
    Mortar and concrete in reducing the leakage and to leave, and costs. Superior strength and stability and continuity harclarda thus gives concrete and concrete strength on the retention of stability and continuity reveals. 

    Thickening efficiency and consistency recovery 
    Cement and Aggregate, 0.3% to 1% by the addition of mortar or concrete in the desired viscosity, business appropriate, can be uniformly thick. 

    In addition, a surfactant sowed the / active ingredient because it is the ability to capture a small amount of fine air bubbles are. Many times the volumetric, volumetric efficiency, the ability to increase coverage and workability due to high temperature is important in this mini-bubble. 

    Keeping the water, conservatism Increases 
    Water binding is successful. Proper hydration, water intake, cement is crucial for the formation of strength and endurance.Cement in the concrete wall of water more water intake not result in a higher power, the reaction can be completed. And high water retention, time to dry before, shrinkage, prevents shrinkage. Thus contributes to higher power and endurance. Be split to reduce cracking due to shrinkage. 

    Work Improves Productivity 
    With the addition, creamy walls, but consistent with mortars, becomes thicker and continuous. Of Kaykıl, self-thinning behavior easy task, but excellent sag resistance and bending strength leaves. So that will save labor for employees.  Water retention, long container (pot) time slots crack resistance and ultimately gives a high ultimate adhesion. 

  • Joint - Fuga and cracks filled cleft Open or Clo

    Excellent workability 
    very easy to propagate, and the dissolution of the product by allowing, at the same time, water, sediment filling of discrimination does not occur, waste water so as to provide sufficient viscosity "creamy" texture provides a. 

    To be split reduces cracking 
    Especially when wet mortar with high water content and smaller without shrinking from the wet mortar, plaster and cracks to prevent the split.  As the forces creating and drying küçülümü delay, splitting and cracking significantly reduces the likelihood. 

    Provides sag resistance 
    Plaster must be some very akışkansı.  This "light weight" when used in wet mortars vertical surfaces, even when wet mortar applied to a new place to stop mortar plastering terms sag resistance. 

  • Gypsum, External Coatings and Surface in Open or Close

    Increasing water demand
    Effectively removes dry.  Due to water retention and thickening capabilities, will increase the level of hydration, the water content of mortar, makes it possible to increase power without a loss.  As a result, gives higher yields, reduces costs and leads to more coverage of primer. 

    Improves workability and Applicability 
    Through the use, mortar or concrete walls in the small air bubble entrainment, wall mortar "kremsiliğini" is greatly improved. Harclarının wall been modified, kaykıl the thinning behavior, easily implemented, düzeylemeye is reached.  Thereby reducing work time. 

    Pump Improves Capability Heals 
    Also, the wall with harclarının slippery behavior is a better ability to pump.  Due to reduced viscosity, the pump can run at only half power.  also provided by the lubrication lubrication, pump and piping system, the hardware also reduces wear and old. 

    More Good Results for Power / Forces 
    Finding water is crucial for the development of strength and endurance.  water holding ability, substrate absorption and reduce evaporation.  Thus allowing only the cement hydration reaction, but not complete, also will delay the start to shrinkage. 

    As a result, force, pressure is greater than shrinkage cracking or splitting is reduced. 

    Excellent Sag Resistance 
    Modified provides excellent resistance to sagging and wrinkling that is applied so that the plaster wall or ceiling will not be delivered to the gravitational effects.  This gives the wall perfectly smooth. 

  • Self leveling Leveling - Floor Screed Open or Close

    Segregation and the front of Virgin 
    Is a great help suspension.  in low viscosity, good flow of sediments and intrusion prevention capabilities in addition to the suspension of the hard particles - in fact can provide. 

    Reduces curing 
    The surface of a large self-correction, completion, will cause any disturbances in the surface coatings, curing may become problematic. Thus any coating can not be used for curing.  water while keeping capability delayed the start of a reduction in water intake through properly placed the surface, allowing the power to collect, thus reducing the likelihood of a split and crack. 

    Increases power of final 
    Because of high surface area to volume ratio, depending on the incomplete evaporation of the water intake spontaneously early strength of composite corruption becomes the primary reason.  high water-holding capacity of cement, making it possible to completely water intake can help prevent such errors, thus higher power is allowed to develop. 

  • Plastering & Finishing of Gypsum in Plaster Open or Close

    Easy Mixing / Blends 
    provided by the effect of fat, gypsum particles can greatly reduce the friction between, so that makes mixing effortless and reduces the mixing time.  The ease of mixing also reduces clutter usually occur. 

    Water requirements will increase 
    Has not been modified in comparison to gypsum, modified building materials, and labor time and increasing the volumetric efficiency can greatly increase the water prompt, so that the formatting makes much more economic. 

    Increases water retention 
    modified gypsum building / construction materials, sub-surface water to prevent leaks, so time will extend the water intake and increase the time correction. 

    Better heat resistance 
    Hot air, rapid evaporation rate and properly placed in a project depending on the difficulty of treatment, often prevents the successful implementation and plaster lining.  water retention and film formation properties by reducing the evaporation rate due hot air makes it possible for applications, so that gives employees time to complete the project properly heal. 

    Last Power Increases 
    by the addition of many features of the resulting force is increased depending on the outcome. 

  • Tiles - Ceramics Adhesives in Open or Close

    Better workability Interoperability 
    shear thinning properties of air-entraining modification of ceramic tile adhesive work better by, in addition to faster implementation, the line-up perspective gives greater business efficiency. 

    Improves water Improves Attitudes 
    attitudes, increase the water in tile adhesive.  Extended open time, as this increases the power of the final viscosity. Prolonged open-time employee of the tiles before placing a larger area, allowing plastering trowel, wall tiles, each tile before placement on the adhesive plaster with a trowel laying the faster speed will take you to the contrary. 

    Provides slip resistance Sark 
    Modified slip provides sag resistance, and that more severe or non-porous ceramic tiles slipping down the vertical surface. 

    Improves adhesion strength 
    As mentioned previously, water intake makes it possible to finish ahead of the reaction, thus higher ultimate bond strength will allow the development / excuse. 

  • Drawn from the mold in Cement Items Open or Close

    Greasiness / oiliness Provides 
    Gives the modified fatty mortar walls. The effect of this fat in turn reduces friction and therefore reduces water evaporation.Tension, reduce heat to mold it, pulled the item hydration (water intake) to complete the process gives a better opportunity. 

    Vehicles to Reduce Wear 
    Threads to reduce friction force, as well as tools against also friction and sticking it reduces the power, would lead to less tool wear, extends the duration of use. Sometimes doubling the operating time, thus reducing a major cost. 

    The water needs - Demand Improves 
    Non-modified blend, contains less water from the hydration needed for completion. A portion of this water during the process of creating it, depending on the heat evaporates the water getting properly completed.  higher than normal without sacrificing power a water: cement ratio caused elevated water levels, can provide even zero-down, so that the water intake allows virtually complete. 

    Improves water Improves Attitudes 
    Compressive force and friction force, pushing the mixture to heat and water intake leads to the occurrence causing less water to evaporate, leaving water.  elevated water temperatures, which allows purchases to be completed efficiently, even water can be stored. 

    Green Power Provides excellent 
    freshly green power can provide excellent materials, so they crash a lot or shape can be held without worrying about loss and can be moved.

  • EIFS (Exterior Insulation End Processing Systems And İnsülasyon / isolator in Plaster Open or Close

    Provides slip resistance 
    modified EIFS (Exterior Insulation and End Processing Requests) glue the panels mounted before, EPS (Expanded Polystyrene Styrofoam) or XPS (extruded polystyrene styrofoam) panels in place holds the necessary slip-resistance allows. 

    Increasing the viscosity is Power 
    Porous wire mesh reinforcement, allowing to strengthen despite mortar walls also allow glue to dry faster on the surface area increases. provided by the mortar to dry water retention wall may be delayed so that a higher bond strength makes it possible to create. 

    Open time (Open Time) is an extension 
    Sometimes placed EPS or XPS panel must be made after the corrections.  without having to remove the old sticky, and the implementation of the new adhesives requiring employees to correct such errors may be extended open time. 

    Improves pump power 
    Kaykıl the thinning behavior, isolation, revealing the power of the pump linings, insulation particles, especially fine particles are lighter than sand and cement.